Clean Slate Calgary

A Chance to Write a New Narrative-A Credible Option for The Undecided

In my first six months I would like to unite Calgarians under these 3 common goals.

  • Implement steps to leave Covid behind us and become more prepared for any virus in the future.
  • Focus on decreasing vulnerable populations by implementing and incentivizing more community supports
  • Focus on the sandwich Generation- those sandwiched into having dependency issues with parents and children

How to support vulnerable populations:

  • Infection, prevention and control education on community levels based on principles in nursing.
  • Focus on health and wellness, mentally and physically.
  • Community involvement until tech catches up with dependency of care issues.

Focus on “sandwich” generation problems.

  • Protecting our youth and seniors against nonsensical policies by forming a Calgary ethics committee.
  • Focus on getting our youth feeling wanted, productive and involved.
  • Advocate for a parental wage alongside subsidized day care.

Fought on the front lines in Afghanistan. Fought on the front lines during Covid-19. Fighting for freedoms and what’s better for Calgarians.

I got your six.