Vote Geoff Rainey 2021

Responsible. Rational. Reliable.

Vote Geoff Rainey for your next Mayor of Calgary. A born and bred Calgarian who has called Calgary home for his whole life, even when living in the Edmonton/St. Albert area (please don’t hold it against him) to serve with Canada’s Western Infantry Battalion, the world renowned PPCLI. Geoff Rainey’s time in the Canadian Armed Forces taught him many transferable skills like, teamwork on levels only possible within military organizations, and how to bring people together no matter what their background, when based on age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other unit of social measurement, by uniting people under a common goal.  

Currently Geoff Rainey works as a fulltime parent to 2 young daughters 2 and 4 years old. Also, practicing as a Licensed Nurse throughout the pandemic, fulltime, Geoff Rainey believes fresh knowledge of Infection Prevention and Control kept his family, patients, friends, and peoples in the community safe. This is proven by not having 1 transmission remotely traced back to self, an accomplishment very commendable when going through the previous pandemic from beginning to end. Education, combined with a responsible and rationale approach will guide the City of Calgary out of the pandemic (and any other upcoming scary scenario) under Geoff Rainey’s leadership.

Geoff Rainey is committed for the long term and believes that the prosperity of Calgary is directly linked to the principles written in the Canadian Constitution and The Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If we allow these documents get overwritten because our politicians don’t know how to handle a crisis, we will be in a lot worse shape than we are currently in. As mentioned, having 2 young daughters, Geoff Rainey would rather give the gift of Freedom of body, mind, and self to his girls over safety. Geoff Rainey believes in family, freedom, and being as truthful and reliable as possible with in his family and community.

Fought on the front lines in Afghanistan. Fought on the front lines during Covid-19. Fighting for freedoms and what’s better for Calgarians.

I got your six.